What Makes The Elderly Move To Retirement Communities?

What Makes The Elderly Move To Retirement Communities?

Ralph was a long-time resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. Last year, Ralph lost his wife whom he’d lived with for thirty years. For six months, he took in turns to live with his son and his daughter. It was a challenging situation to be parented by his children, and it seemed stressful from both sides. Six months later, Ralph moved into an assisted living community upstate.

Ralph’s situation is in no way alien. More and more elderly people are choosing assisted or independent living communities in Scottsdale. But what are the reasons for this?

It improves family relationships

As we discussed earlier, parent-child role reversals can be stressful to both sides. When the elderly move into senior living communities, they get to resume their old roles. Children can visit their parents and spend time with them anytime they want to.

It helps reduce loneliness

Ageing can be a lonely process, especially with the loss of significant others in one’s life. But moving into a senior living community in Scottsdale allows elderly individuals to find other individuals to share their lives with.

It allows them to feel safe

Crime rates in big cities are frighteningly high. But senior living communities are secured from criminals. Additionally, they are also well equipped with emergency response systems that can be used if individuals fall or get trapped in their homes.

It can be very engaging

Senior living communities offer a range of communal activities like poker, bridge and reading groups. Keeping busy can be a positive change from the normally sedentary lifestyle that comes with living alone.