What Makes Independent Living a Unique Retirement Option?

What Makes Independent Living a Unique Retirement Option?

Many senior citizens are worried about their retirement plans and they are constantly on the lookout of something that will serve their purpose of living a peaceful and happy retired life. Independent living communities for seniors is one such concept where citizens can enjoy a good environment along with some level of assistance.

What is Independent Living?

The concept includes communities that have houses or apartments for residents that are 55 years or older. The designs of the homes are pretty simple; they are easy to move around and they are carefully designed with small details in mind like grab bars to assist with safety. Residents live here independently and they can indulge in various activities like swimming or sports, which are designed exclusively for them.

The Uniqueness of Independent Living Communities

One of biggest difference in independent retirement living is that there is little or no medical assistance round the clock. Here, citizens can enjoy their day as per their likes and they get the sense of freedom and independence that they would normally get in their own house. Usually, activities like cooking, laundry, shuttle bus services, etc. are provided for citizens so that they don’t need to use their physical energy in all these things.

For individuals who are healthy and don’t require any kind of medical care round the clock, this is an excellent retirement option as it gives you a chance to enjoy the golden years of your life without any hassles.

At Scottsdale Village Square, we provide both independent and assisted living apartments in the same location which allows our residents to remain in their apartment should their assistance needs increase.