It’s Time for Memory Care!

It’s Time for Memory Care!

“I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.”

― Adriana Trigiani

Mom is the sweetest gift from God to all and she is the truest friend we can ever have! When trials are heavy, when adversity traps us, when people abandon us, when troubles surround us, she will never leave us apart and clings to us still the end of our breath.

I loved my mother more than myself and I wanted to spend my whole life together with her. But, unfortunately my life situations didn’t let me do so. I went very busy with my profession and don’t have time to stand and stare. On the other side, day by day the health of my mother deteriorated gradually. She started forgetting everyday tasks and started showing up the signs of dementia.

A few days later after seeking the help of a senior living in Scottsdale I enrolled her in a secured memory care program. I’m very happy with the results and shared the benefits in this post.

Compassionate Staff

As all of us know, a compassionate caregiver is necessary for seniors who are showing the earlier or later signs of Alzheimer’s disease. The facility doesn’t concern about them but they went that extra mile to know each person so that they could provide them personalized care.

Special Programs

The facility provided multi-sensory experiences, daily exercises, group activities, organized outings and other activities which they deem would benefit each senior. They allowed seniors to participate in activities like gardening, sewing, household chores and other undertakings that promote multi-sensory knowledge.


  • Comfortable living spaces
  • Emergency call response and fire safety systems
  • Secured walking paths

With all these facilities in Arizona senior living community my mom showed positive responses and I’m proud that I gave my mom what she deserved.