Fun Activities in Senior Communities

Fun Activities in Senior Communities

Creating engaging activities for seniors in assisted living  can help lessen feelings of isolation and depression. Researchers have found that seniors who stay physically active by exercising at least three times per week can improve their mobility and overall quality of life. Various activities offered by senior care communities include:

Field Trips

Most of the senior communities offer field trips to museums, sports games, concerts, and shows. This helps residents to socialize and get out. It also offers them an opportunity to learn a few new things to discuss with their friends and families.


Dancing and singing are great for the soul. Many communities let the seniors to practice ballroom dancing and swing dancing to keep them engaged socially. Dancing not only fun, but also keeps resident fit.


Personalized physical fitness programs are designed to boost the senior’s energy and fitness levels. Practicing yoga everyday increases their mobility and makes routine works easier. Most of the physical activity programs are crafted to help a senior to view the exercise as a pleasure rather than a chore.

Classes and Workshops

Mental stimulation is important for seniors and these workshops allow them to keep expanding their horizons. Memory care facilities are offered in senior homes to improve the mental health and memory power of the residents. Computer classes are common and this allows residents to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Outdoor excursions, technology classes, painting, writing and foreign language courses are the other common activities offered to the residents in senior community. Engaging in these activities really does help enrich the lives of the senior residents.