5 Different Types of Residential Care Units

5 Different Types of Residential Care Units

When considering a residential care unit there are many options available. Care homes may be run by councils, charities or privately owned by a particular organization. Here we can discuss about the 5 major types of residential care units.

Retirement Housing

Retirement housing is especially for senior community who are in the early stage of Alzheimer’s but still capable of taking care of themselves. The early signs include forgetting daily routine or asking the same question again and again. Only a limited supervision is required for this type of retirement communities in Scottsdale AZ and the residents get opportunity to indulge in social activities, transportation and other amenities.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is also known as board and care, adult living or supported care. It’s a combination of housing, meals, supportive services and health care. These facilities contain 24 hour staff, transportation, housekeeping, laundry and recreational activities. In these facilities residents get help on their daily needs but most of them do not offer programs for people with dementia.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in Scottsdale AZ provide long-term care and are available throughout the day. They address issues such as nutrition, care planning, recreation, spirituality and medical care. They take immense care for seniors with dementia.

Alzheimer Special Care Units

These units are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. It’s the unit with larger residential area and offers special memory care programs for the affected seniors.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

It provides different levels of care including assisted living and nursing home facilities. Depending on the needs of the residents, they are free to move throughout different care within the unit.